WSU Relativity Group

Bernard Hall

I began work with the WSU Relativity Group in Pullman, Washington, spending two years as an undergraduate research assistant. Among the projects I worked with during this time was the search for stochastic gravitational wave signals that could be present in existing initial LIGO data, as well as aided in the development of a bilinear trigger veto pipeline for use in the analysis of engineering run data (ER5, ER6, ER7), and science run data from Advanced LIGO.

After graduating in December 2014, I continued to work for the group, completing the bilinear suite for general use by the LIGO community, as well as moving into new projects. Primary among these has been the study of Higher Order Stastistical analysis, and application to LIGO data, as well as the development of a new set of tools (based upon the existing HOSA toolbox for MATLAB) to carry out such studies.

I am currently in the physics PhD program at WSU, and am continuing my research work in the field of gravitation and cosmology in conjunction with the LIGO Scientific Collaboration (currently DETCHAR support) and the WSU Relativity Group.

My background includes nine years in the U.S. Army Reserve, twelve years working in broadcast television, and a first Bachelor's in video game design. I have experience programming in C, and C++, as well as I have also done work with, PHP, and various scripting languages, including Javascript, and Action Script (Flash).