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Nairwita Mazumder

I am a postdoctoral research associate at WSU Relativity Group (since May 2014). I am also a member of LIGO Scientific Collaboration (LSC) member since September 2012. My primary research interest and recent efforts have been aligned towards different aspects of Gravitational Wave (GW) Astronomy , such as GW searches for coalescing compact binaries and stochastic background, and detector characterization.

I completed my PhD. from Jadavpur University,India. My doctoral research was focussed towards the thermodynamical study of the Universe, which dealt with the validity of the laws of thermodynamics at different horizons of the Universe and related cosmological consequences. I started working on GW astronomy after completion of my PhD.

Some astrophysical phenomena such as mergers of two black holes (BH), a neutron star and a black hole (NSBH) or binary neutron stars (BNS) are powerful sources of GWs. Even though GWs carry away enormous amounts of energy and angular momentum from these sources, their interaction with matter is extremely weak, which makes their detection a tremendous experimental challenge. Currently a worldwide network of GW detectors is engaged in an exciting search for these elusive waves. The direct detection of GW is expected to address key questions in fundamental physics, astrophysics and cosmology and can open a new observational window of the Universe.

After joining LSC, I explored multiple problems related to directed radiometer search for stochastic gravitational-wave background (SGWB), GW data analysis for compact binary coalescence (CBC), mainly binary neutron star which are progenitors of short duration gamma ray bursts and stellar mass binary black holes.

As a WSURG member, my interests lie in the area of detector characterization, specially developing and upgrading tools for identifying and vetoing different noise transients caused by nonlinear couplings of various noise sources. I am also developing a Noise Budget Model of the seismic isolation system of advLIGO interferometers so that the performance of different seismic isolation platforms can be estimated and improved independently.

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Nairwita Mazumder
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